Our aim is to provide solutions for your social media marketing needs.  We offer daily content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you can focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business.

When building an online presence, consistency is important. Understanding your products and services, as well as your goals and vision for your brand, help us craft well-thought and researched posts that communicate your message.

In this Digital Age, there are several platforms that each have a unique audience. We offer short-form and long-form content solutions that cater, specifically to your audience. Our mission is to create a Call To Action (CTA) that resonates with your prospective customers in a way that translates into growth for your business. Just like your favorite vinyl record, we aren’t happy unless the needle is moving.

Copywriting comes in many shapes and sizes. There are a lot of different uses for this information, dependent upon your specific needs. 15th Street Marketing offers the gamut from a simple blog post to technical descriptions for brochures. We offer a no-nonsense approach to all of our services and feel that if we can’t help you gain traction towards your goals, we shouldn’t be involved in a long-term contract.

For many individuals and small business owners, Google remains a mystery. How do we get seen on Google? Why aren’t we listed easily? People talking about your business, product or service is paramount towards getting the attention of the search engines.

Google takes notice when organizations, news outlets and people talk about you. Verified third party sources that discussing your business or product improves your online visibility in the search engines.

Google is a foreign concept to many small/medium-sized business owners.  How and why a term ranks high within the Google Search Engine is mythical and mostly unknown to those that aren’t living on the digital frontier.  15th Street Marketing provides keyword research that explores niches related to your business, as well as the broad range of terms that are used to find the products or services you offer. Developing an online branding strategy starts with understanding your needs, goals and expectations.  Once that is determined, we can craft a plan that targets the terms that are relevant to your business.